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ART WORKS Guidelines: National Endowment for the Arts Grant Program

The guiding principle of "Art Works" is at the center of everything we do at the NEA. "Art Works" refers to three things: the works of art themselves, the ways art works on audiences, and the fact that art is work for the artists and arts professionals who make up the field....Click Here for More Info...

OUR TOWN Guidelines: National Endowment for the Arts Grant Program

The Our Town grant program supports creative placemaking projects that help to transform communities into lively, beautiful, and resilient places with the arts at their core. Creative placemaking is when artists, arts organizations, and community development practitioners....Click Here for More Info...

County Arts Program

The County Arts Program is designed to support artists and organizations that provide high-quality arts and cultural activities that enhance the quality of life in Prince George’s County and reflect the collective creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of the County’s arts, humanities and cultural sectors. Established in 1981, PGAHC is an independent non-profit organization designated by the Prince George’s County government to coordinate financial support and advocacy for the arts.

FY15 County Arts Program Grants is distributed in five categories: Artist Fellowship Programs, County Arts Projects, Cultural Anchor Projects, Emerging Arts Programs, Public Art Building Communities, Cultural Bridge Projects.

Artist Fellowship Program supports individual artists who significantly contribute to the arts and substantively impact the lives of Prince George’s County residents through artistic excellence.

County Arts Projects supports projects that promote arts and humanities activities and events to Prince George’s County residents.

Cultural Anchor Projects supports capital projects to defray costs related to the improvement, expansion and rehabilitation of existing buildings owned by non-profit arts and non-profit cultural institutions.

Emerging Arts Programs supports capacity building projects for arts and humanities organizations through grants for administrative systems, leadership development and general support. Applicants operational budget cannot exceed $25,000 and must demonstrate program sustainability.

Public Art Building Communities supports the creation and installation of permanent and temporary artwork that enhances County neighborhoods. Applicants must provide specific location and documented permission for site installation.

Cultural Bridge Programs supports arts and humanities projects that foster cultural exchange and diplomacy between Prince George’s County and our Sister Cities and other established international partners.

Arts In Education Program

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The Arts In Education Program (AIEP) is designed to support artists, arts educators and organizations that provide high-quality arts and cultural activities to youth in public educational settings from early childhood through high school. These programs or projects may include, but are not limited to; arts instruction, arts integration, artist in residencies, inschool performances and/or public performances, field trip experiences, arts integration curriculum development, creative placemaking, as well as professional development. An emphasis should be placed on providing sequential instruction to deepen each student’s learning about the subject and experience.

Teachers and Parent Teacher Associations are eligible to apply for a specific school program. Funding may not be attributed to school personnel, faculty and/or general art supplies or equipment. The Arts in Education Program will not offset the responsibilities of each school in providing its students an excellent education, but will support projects that enhance the learning that is already occurring.

Funding is distributed in four categories: School-Based Projects, Artist in Residency Projects, Community-Based Projects, Public Art Partnership Projects and Professional Development to artists, arts educators and nonprofits that demonstrate a significant and positive impact on student academic achievement through increased arts and cultural access.

School-Based Projects take place during the traditional school day for students, whether in classrooms or at an outside venue. Activities must directly benefit Prince George’s County Public School students or built environment, and directly connect to curricula standards and instructional programs occurring at those schools. Evaluation criteria for School-Based Programs emphasize strong curriculum-based design. Activities can also include projects that feature student engaged temporary or permanent public art school based projects.

Artist in Residency Projects is a participatory, standards-based learning experience led by a teaching artist during the regular school day with the support and active engagement of the classroom teacher. The teaching artist(s) works with the same group of students for a minimum of five (5) classroom sessions and collaborates with the classroom teacher before and throughout the residency to ensure the lessons are aligned with classroom curriculum.

Community-Based Projects take place outside of the traditional school day, such as at after-school, weekend or summer programs and events. Programs may be associated with schools, community-based settings, creative placemaking initiatives, arts or cultural institutions or cultural exchange programs.

Public Art Partnership Projects directly engage select Prince George’s County permanent or temporary public art installations. Students will participate in a related hands on program designed through collaboration with lead artist, PGAHC and classroom teacher or program specialist. Please contact PGAHC office for details of current public art projects.

Professional Development Projects include accessing or implementation of high quality artistic training opportunities for educators working in public education settings. Trainings must build skills capacity for the development or enhancement of music, dance, drama, media arts or visual arts disciplines and/or integration of standards-based arts instruction with non-arts academic content. Applicants must demonstrate use and sustainability of art integration practices plus reside and teach in Prince George’s County.

FY15 Project Awardees

Arts In Education Programs

Art Works Studio School
Visual Arts (2) Mt. Rainier, MD

College Park Arts Exchange
Music (3) College Park, MD

World Arts Focus/Joe’s Mvt. Emporium
Dance (2) Mt. Rainier, MD

Beltsville Academy
Dance (1) Beltsville, MD

Friends Community
Dance (3) College Park, MD

Springhill Lake Elem. School
Visual Arts (4) Greenbelt, MD

Hyattsville Elem. School
Visual Arts (2) Hyattsville, MD

Greenbelt Elem. School
Visual Arts (4) Greenbelt, MD
(Ingrid Cowan Hass)

County Arts Programs

Cultural Academy for Excellence
Music (2) Mt. Rainier, MD

Dancing by the Power:Mvmt.Matters
Dance (2) Adelphi, MD

Foundation for the Advancement of Music & Education
Music (4) Bowie, MD

Quest Visual Theatre
Theatre (3) Lanham, MD

Visual arts (6) Upper Marlboro, MD

Hyattsville Comm. Artist Alliance
Visual Arts (2) Hyattsville, MD

Hyattsville Comm. Develop. Corp.
Public Art (2) Hyattsville, MD

Paula Douglas
Dance (7) Temple Hills, MD

Cheyney Thomas
Music (1) Hyattsville, MD

vRobert DiLutis
Music (3) Riverdale, MD

Mervin Primeaux O’Bryant
Theatre (2) Hyattsville, MD

Juliana Barnet
Writer (2) Mt. Rainier, MD

FY15 Awards Total $53,080 (20)

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